What to Expect



Welcome! You will be asked to bring in your insurance card (if planning on using insurance). Upon your arrival you will have some brief paper work to fill out so the doctor is able to gather important information that will allow them to best serve your individual needs. (You may print out this paperwork by clicking the link below, and fill it out prior to coming in). If you are under 18, we ask that you please bring a parent or guardian along with you to your first visit. Their authorization is required prior to receiving any care. You will then have a physical examination focused on your area of complaint and any other areas the doctor feels need addressing. The doctor will then give you a report of what they have found, and they may adjust you that day if they deem you are a chiropractic case and they have gathered all the information they need. If they feel you need further care elsewhere, whether on the first visit or shortly into the treatment plan, they will refer you to where they feel you will be best served. Expect about to be in the office about 45-60 minutes for your first visit. 

New Patient Paperwork



For existing patients returning for a regular office visit, you may expect to be in the office for about 15-30 minutes.  Appointments will vary on an individual basis as each of our patients is unique and will have care tailored to meet their specific needs. 


New Patient Forms

Adult-New Patient Paperwork (pdf)


Children's Health History (Ages 8 & Under) (pdf)